so i’ve been accumulating quite a few projects while working on the vps thingy, not even on the project i originally wanted to set it up for. i wanted to run my own persistent pastebin, but didn’t want to write my own script, so i looked up one[0] written in go and forked it[1]. so far i added some functionality (maybe see commit log) and want to add some things more like syntax highlighting via [2]. not sure whether to make it public then. really not sure. i don’t want it to be abused for $things.

funnily enough since this is a static page generator and i’m a lazy ass i wrote a script to add new posts to this section:

cd httpd/root/krizzorg
echo "last entries:"
ls content/blog/posts/
read "name?name your new entry: "
hugo new blog/posts/$name
vim content/blog/posts/$name
hugo -D

this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?