the shuffle

can we please talk about how people get lost in the shuffle? how good people are driven by the mere craving for more money instead of the realisation that knowledge is power and power over people itself is nothing but imgination? can we please talk about needed social skills for leading a team instead of the “skill” to please as many c-level people as possible?

we should stop caring about cvs and the “grind” and should start seeing leaders as people, not instruments. this crooked view on teams lead to crooked leaders and especially corrupt the young professionals. they align to other people; not to a company or a business unit. and most good leaders can sense a corrupt system, can sense subpar decisions, and they take lead other people, despite not being “team leaders”.

i’ve made this observation more than once in my professional life: take away the people’s people and your team is null and void, despite having someone wigth a ‘leader’-stamp on their forehead. i’ve seen this twice: take away the glue (in people form) and the cookie dissolves.