some of the languages i like and am somewhat familiar and probably good with (in order of experience/expertise, ‘,’ being the delimiter for languages and ‘/’ the delimiter for skill levels ranging from “i’m really good at this” to “i used it in university”):

in the last ten years (and counting) i also got in contact with heaps of frameworks and technologies everyone should know about (like rest, http, json, xml, etc. you know the drill). some of which i have probably either learned about in university (tcp congestion control, i’m looking at you!) and never used again or while working ('what even is virtual memory?' and ‘why should i bother about first vs. best-fit?') on a specific problem.

if you want to know more, you can either take a look at my uni curriculum[1] or my github repos[2].

tl;dr “my life”: visited schools, did a training (to become a so called ‘it specialist’), got some certificates (e.g., istqb foundation level, but please don’t tell anyone), worked in a european research project[5] (also: see publications), graduated from university with a degree in computer science and then started working again.

my pet peeve is that i’m easily bored: there’s always something more to learn and as soon as one desire is sated, there’s another thing round the corner that i want to know about. right now it’s rust[3] and actually some more c++ knowledge. sometimes i write about things that come into my mind (see blog-section), most of the times there’s no follow up, but i’ll always try to write about my ideas and code.

i love well structured projects and well-documented communication between services. i’d LOVE to learn about service orchestration on a (bigger) scale hint hint

btw. if you’re somehow interested in an official cv, add me on linkedin[4]


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